Mitchell Park Domes

Fall Floral Show

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory's Show Dome is transformed 5 times each year. Each Show Dome display has a specific theme, generally categorized as historical, cultural or fantasy, and is chosen at least a year in advance. Plants are selected specifically for a particular floral exhibit and grown in the Greenhouses located at the Mitchell Park Domes. Once in place, a show may last from six to fourteen weeks. Please note that Show Dome is closed for approximately two weeks between shows to transition to the new theme.

Friends of the Mitchell Park DomesMilwaukee County Parks

Rotating Exhibits / Events

  • Fall Floral Show: The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow


    A mysterious Headless Horseman is causing trouble for the people of Sleepy Hollow.  Travel through a dark wood lined with bare trees, cornstalks and a variety of vibrantly colored petunias, marigolds, celosias and salvias.  Our popular pot mums will also make an appearance in a similar color pallet of bright orange, red, burgundy and purple. Tastefully displayed throughout the show there will be several surprisingly poisonous plant specimens, such as Castor Beans, Oleanders, Foxglove and Deadly Nightshade. Gorgeous ‘Rip City’ dahlias and ‘Deep Scarlet’ Cannas, striking ‘Black Dragon’ coleus, ‘Wicked’ ornamental peppers and ‘Bat Face’ cupheas will serve to complement our dark yet elegant theme. You will encounter six colonial characters at a series of vignettes and locations from the late 1700’s.  From there, you will receive a series of clues and if you’re lucky, you will be able to solve the mystery of Sleep Hollow.

    Pokemon Go at The Domes - Come back to play when the Domes reopen!

    Get out of the cold and join the Pokémon craze. The popular phone app game uses GPS technology to hide Pokémon and various prizes in real-world outdoor locations and the Domes is no exception! The bonus is that the Domes aren't exactly outdoors, so this winter you can come inside and play while staying warm and dry—not to mention take in the beautiful gardens. This game is truly fun for all ages and encourages getting exercise as well as meeting friendly new people in the community. The app is free to download, and for those currently playing, there are four indoor Poké-Stops and one Poké-Gym. Come in and catch them all!  Free every day to Friends of the Domes members!