Future of The Domes

Future of the Mitchell Park Domes

The Domes Feasibility Study

The Conservatory building complex includes three 50+-year-old display domes, a greenhouse and annex added in 2015, and educational and support spaces.

The display domes are in need of extensive rehabilitation, and many of the support spaces need repairs and updates. Planning is underway for the next chapter of this long-time Milwaukee attraction.

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Domes Task Force

The Domes Task Force has been charged with reviewing the services that the Conservatory provides to the community, as well as providing a sustainable facility and operating model.

Through community engagement and expert analysis of conditions, constraints and opportunities, The Milwaukee County Task Force on the Mitchell Park Conservatory Domes (Domes Task Force) is evaluating long-term options for the future of the Conservatory and its associated activities, costs and benefits. The Task Force will recommend a course of action to the Milwaukee County Executive and County Board.

This web site will serve as a communication platform for this project as well as the Milwaukee County Web Site.

More information can be found at the official Mitchell Park Domes Updates page: http://county.milwaukee.gov/Domes

Meeting materials can be found by searching "Domes Task Force" on the County Legislative Information Center