The Domes @ Home

The Domes at Home

Although you can’t come to the Domes right now, the Friends of the Domes has created this page to bring the Domes to you.

Each week we will bring you new educational videos to add to the activities of learning at home.

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying some family time. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Mitchell Park Domes in the near future. Visit this page often as it will be updated often.

Educational Videos

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    Photo Collages w/ Irene

    Join Irene as we turn our photos into beautiful handmade collages! Download some Domes Photos to use (27M).

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    Window Seedling Greenhouse

    Join our amazing volunteer Julie, as she shows us how to make a Window Seedling Greenhouse! This is a great activity for children to observe the germination process of seeds.

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    Grow Your Own Spouts!

    Julie, Domes volunteer and Friends of the Domes Newsletter Editor, teaches how to grow sprouts as a simple way to grow fresh, healthy, tasty food year round in your kitchen.

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    Raised Bed Garden, Part 2

    In this Virtual Adult Education Workshop, Erica Putman, Education Director with the Friends of the Domes, leads you through installing landscape fabric, positioning your raised bed and what you'll need for healthy, beautiful soil.

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    Build a Raised Bed Garden

    FOD Education Director, Erica, shows us how to build a raised bed garden. This video is Part 1.

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Story Time Videos

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    Who's butt is this?

    We can identify animals, even when they're running away! Find out whose butt is whose with our educator, Mr. Pete.

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    It's Raining, It's Pouring

    It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring... but what else is he up to? Find out today with Mr. Pete, then get outside and enjoy the day - no matter the weather!

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    The Little Mole who Went in Search of Whodunit

    What's that brown thing on Little Mole's head? Why does Mr. Pete like this story so much?! We'll find out during today's Story Time!

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    "I Like Me!" by Nancy Carlson

    "Hey, good lookin'!" Ms. Veto reminds us to like ourselves, as she reads "I Like Me!" by Nancy Carlson.

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    Story Time with Friends of the Domes: Duck! Rabbit!

    Look, up in the sky! It's a Duck! No, it's a Rabbit! Find out which one it is with our favorite virtual hero, Mr. Pete, as we read "Duck! Rabbit!" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

Mr. Pete Videos

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    Another Nature Moment with Mr. Pete

    What did Mr. Pete find this time?!

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    Backyard Nature Detective

    An activity adventure kit unboxing - discover more in your own backyard!

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    Make A Rain Stick Part 2, with Mr. Pete

    Psssshhh... pssshhhhhh... sshhhhhh... psssshhhh. That's the sound a rain stick makes! Make your own with Mr. Pete!

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    Make A Rain Stick Part 1, with Mr. Pete

    Play a game with our new pal Dan, then learn how to make a rain stick with materials around your home!

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    Another Nature Moment with Mr. Pete

    Learn about germination by making a seed necklace in another Nature Moment with Mr. Pete.

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    A Nature Moment with Mr. Pete

    Learn to make a fun and easy eggshell planter.

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    Meet Mr. Pete

    Meet the newest educator for the Friends of the Domes, Pete Stobie, but you can call him Mr. Pete. He will be bringing us lots of fun and interesting nature videos in the coming weeks. Enjoy, learn, and stay tuned as new videos will be available each week.