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Charlie “CharBee” Koenen has been passionately preaching about pollinator peril for more than 20 years. His trajectory within the bee community is very unique. Former State Bee Inspector, Inventor of a vented top bar hive system, director of SE Wisconsin Honey Producers, Educator, advocate and longtime bee slinger for the largest honeybee distribution operation in the country. He heads up an organization called BeeVangelists which “Preaches the Gospel of Abundance According to Bees.” He knows a thing or two about bees.

Today’s Beesentation looks at the role of honeybees and agriculture then focuses attention on the rest of the pollinators that make everything else possible. Wisconsin is home to more than 500 species of bees and only one makes honey, the rest made everything else. Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. This presentation helps us to face the future with optimism so we can bee the change.

Then we’ll take a guided trip through the Tropical dome to learn about some unique pollinators from around the world.

Location: Mitchell Park Domes Education Center

Cost: $15 Members; $17 general admission Includes: presentation, guided tour, honey sampling, wildflower seed packets

This workshop is a part of the Friends of the Domes adult workshop series. Youth 12-15 are welcome with an adult supervisor.

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