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Education Programs for School Groups at The Domes

As a cultural and educational facility of the Milwaukee County Park System, The Mitchell Park Domes offer programming for school groups from grade K-5 through college, scouts and adult clubs or groups.

Programs are available at the Mitchell Park Domes Tuesday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Milwaukee Domes Educational Program Fees

The following fees are for groups led by a Milwaukee Domes Horticultural Conservatory Educator. Program fees include admission to the Domes.

Student Age 5 $2.50
Student Age 6 - 17 $6.00
Student Age 18+ $8.00
Teachers - Free
Adult Chaperone at a discounted rate of $1.50

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School Groups

  • Programs for School Groups

    Students will focus on rainforest and desert ecology including plant and animal adaptations. Discussions will be appropriate for the grade level. To help you prepare for the program, a Teacher Information Packet and student worksheets will be sent upon request.

    Each discussion / hands-on session will last 30-45 minutes. Afterward, students will complete worksheets during their exploration of our conservatory. Allow an hour and one-half to two hours for this program.

    Programs meet state of Wisconsin DPI standards and Milwaukee Public School standards for science content. One adult chaperone is required for every 8 students. Programs for School Groups, K-5 - College, youth groups, and summer school groups require a minimum of 20 students.


    • Grade K5
      Children discover plant life through this sensory/hands-on introduction.
    • Grade 1 - 2
      Children will study what plants and animals need to survive and how they obtain these necessities from their environment. Hands-on activities with plants found in the Tropical and Desert domes will guide students in this early discovery of plant adaptations.
    • Grade 3 - 7
      Students will focus on plants as producers of oxygen and how life on earth depends on plants for survival. Students will learn how plants adapt to survive in desert and rainforest environments. Hands-on activities with plants found in the Tropical and Desert domes will lead students to a better understanding of plant adaptations.
    • Grade 8 - 9
      Students will discuss photosynthesis as well as limiting factors such as sunlight and water in contrasting biomes. They will also explore the effects of these factors on plant and animal adaptations. Hands-on activities with plants found in the Tropical and Desert domes will enhance student understanding of plant and animal adaptations.
    • Grade 10 - College
      Student discussions will focus on ecology and the limiting factors of desert and rainforest biomes. Hands-on activities with plants found in the Tropical and Desert domes will further strengthen student understanding of plant and animal adaptations.
    • Homeschool groups and Scout groups
      2nd Tuesday of each month 1:00pm - 2:30pm. Pre-registration is required along with Pre-payment: $8.00 per adult; $6.00 per child.(No classes offered June - August)

    More Information

    For more information on Field Trip Programs, contact our Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Interpretive Educator, Paula Zamiatowski.

    Please note: You must make your final program registration by calling 414-257-5603 or email Paula at