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Many small animal residents of the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory "work" as "animal-educators". These Mitchell Park Domes fauna residents play a key role in Domes educational programs for children.

We have recently introduced many new birds into the tropical and desert domes. Releasing the birds into the domes is a very complicated and time-consuming process that takes months of care in order to prevent bird death. We have lost three out of fifteen tropical birds during the process which would have been more if we were not patient and handled the birds with great care. After examination it is believed that the transition was too strenuous and stressful for the less hardy ones that died. Another factor is our birds are “rescues” from animal care centers so we do not have the health history or story behind each bird. After we are finished introducing all twenty-one birds our conservatory will be at capacity. Any more birds would damage the plant specimens with their droppings and shredding of plant material. So all together, we have an estimated count of 40 birds (including two house sparrows).


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Why Sponsor an Animal?

  • 1.

    Become a Partner

    As a Domes Animal Sponsor, you become a partner in providing the best care for the animals living in The Domes.

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    Dome Residents

    Koi fish, several species of birds, toads and frogs make the Mitchell Park Domes their home. These special Dome residents require special environmental maintenance and features.

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    Sponsorship Provides

    Your Sponsorship of an animal educator provides funds for food, medical care and maintenance of Dome animal habitats.

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    What You Receive

    For your sponsorship, you receive not only the satisfaction of helping your selected animal, but also a thank-you packet that includes an animal fact sheet, certificate of sponsorship and color photo of the sponsored animal.

  • Select an Animal

    If you would like to Sponsor one of our animals, you can make your selection on our Animal Sponsorship page. Alternatively you can download our Mail-in Animal Sponsorship form.

    This is the list of animals currently living in the Domes.

    • Bishop's Weaver(s), a tropical bird, $15 each per year
    • Pekin Robin(s), $15 each per year
    • Red Crested Finch(es), $15 each per year
    • Green Singing Finch(es), $15 each per year
    • Society Finch(es), $15 each per year
    • Koi Fish (brightly colored carp), $15 each per year
    • American Toad(s) (North America), $15 each per year
    • Coqui Frog(s) (Central America), $15 each per year
    • Green and Blue Poison Dart Frog(s)s $15 each per year
    • Ring Necked Dove(s), $15 each per year
    • Border Canary (Canary Islands), $15 per year
    • Bourke's Parrot (Australia), $15 per year
    • Zebra Finch(es), $15 each per year
    • Bearded Dragon Lizard "Steve", $30 per year

    Domes Animal sponsorship does not imply any legal rights over an animal or its care.

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