The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory’s Show Dome is transformed five times each year. Each Show Dome display has a specific theme, generally categorized as historical, cultural or fantasy, and is chosen at least a year in advance. Plants are selected specifically for a particular floral exhibit and grown in the greenhouses located at the Mitchell Park Domes. Continual care and maintenance assures an equally bright, vivid and spectacular array of flowers for visitors from the first to the last day of any Show Dome display. Please note that Show Dome is closed for approximately two weeks between shows to transition to the new theme.

Show Dome Displays
Please be sure to check back here for details about upcoming shows.

  • Jan-Mar: Train Show
  • April-May: Spring Show
  • June-Sept: Summer Show
  • Sept-Nov: Fall Show
  • Nov-Jan: Holiday Show

Video courtesy of Milwaukee County Parks

Current and Upcoming Shows

Train Show: Toyblox: Tiny Toy Towns

Dates: Jan 20, 2024-Mar 17, 2024

Discourse: a Liquid Workshop will be at the Mitchell Park Domes 9am-2pm on weekends during the Train Show. Enjoy their coffee drinks including the “Flora”.

More About the Show Dome Themes

Theme Choices
Show Dome themes have ranged from a formal Japanese garden, to autumn in Provence, a classic monster movie spoof, a street in Dickens London, and scenes from the Nutcracker Suite.

The theme of each Show Dome display dictates the setting, landscape design and prop design. Each show requires extensive long-term planning, while the actual transformation from one theme to the next takes place in only two weeks.

Display Creation
Horticulturists, arborists, artists, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and welders work together to create each spectacular display. Show Dome props are modular and thus versatile; they can be modified and reused to fit different themes throughout the year.

The Show Dome provides serene settings to be captured by artists and photographers, duplicated by visitors in their own gardens and used by students to learn about flowering plants.


Train Show: Toyblox: Tiny Toy Towns
DATE: Jan 20 – March 17, 2024

Video: Christa Beall Diefenbach, Executive Director of Friends of the Domes, presents solution for the future of the Domes to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee

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Courtesy of Milwaukee County Parks