Nothing compares to The Domes in-person; but we do have so many fun videos to share with you. We hope to see you at The Domes soon.

The Domes Drone Tour

Nothing is more beautiful than the Mitchell Park Domes. Need proof? Watch this drone tour.

Away in Wisconsin

Wondering how much The Domes has changed over the years? Travel back in time with this 1960s video. The Domes makes its debut 3 minutes into the video.

Light Show at The Domes

Nighttime at The Domes is always special — especially when we do light shows!

The Desert Dome

Thanks to Milwaukee County Parks, you can take a virtual stroll through the Desert Dome. Enjoy!

The Tropical Dome

Wishing you could be in the tropics? Well you are in for a special treat with this video from Milwaukee County Parks.

Attack of the Giant Monsters Train Show (2020)

Here’s a fun recap of the highlights from the 2020 train show. The train show launches each January in the Show Dome.


Summer Show: United Plants Across America
DATE: June 8 – Sept 8, 2024

Video: Christa Beall Diefenbach, Executive Director of Friends of the Domes, presents solution for the future of the Domes to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee

Grooving Under Glass: September 26, 2024 


Our Beloved Mitchell Park Domes Video