The Domes @ Home

The Domes at Home

Although you can’t come to the Domes right now, the Friends of the Domes has created this page to bring the Domes to you.

Each week we will add pages that can be colored any way you like to help learn more about The Domes.

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying some family time. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Mitchell Park Domes in the near future. Visit this page often as activities will be updated often.


Earth Day

Download this Guide to virtual tours and Earth Day ideas and activities.

Make a Cool Rain Stick

Download the PDF to make this cool rain stick from NASA. It’s a cool craft, a playable percussion instrument and a radical rainmaker made out of materials found at home. Make it sound like rain! And check out Mr. Pete’s Video on how he made it!

Make an Awesome Bird-Feeder!

Download the PDF to make this simply awesome bird-feeder! You’ll need peanut butter, an empty toilet paper roll and some bird seed! Mr. Pete will show you step by step on how to make this in an upcoming video.

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Select a drawing to download and color however you like.

Conservatory Gates

The Conservatory Gates are made of fancy wrought iron and are over 100 years old.

Download to color
Domes at Night

At night, the domes light up with lots of bright colors. What colors can you add?

Download to color
Fairy Gardens at the Domes

Fairy Gardens are always fun to find. Here is a drawing of one waiting for me in The Domes.

Download to color
Great day at the Mitchell Park Domes

I can't wait to have a great day at the Mitchell Park Domes!

Download to color
Koi Fish Bridge

There is a bridge next to a huge waterfall with Koi fish.

Download to color
Orchid Wall

There are all binds of exotic blooms on the orchid wall.

Download to color
Palm Tree Bark

The jagged bark on the Palms reaches way up high Pointing to a giant moon.

Download to color

Even when the snow starts to fall, I can stlll see hundreds of bright red Poinsettias.

Download to color