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Adult Education

Friends of the Domes is thrilled to announce our new Adult Education Program! The Domes are a pillar to the education of Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide powerful experiences to our visitors and members with the use of this deeply unique and globally diverse facility. We look forward to welcoming members of our plant-loving community to the Domes and other venues across the greater Milwaukee area for fun-filled workshops and classes.

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12 Plants that Changed the World Symposium
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Do you know how chocolate was discovered? Did you know rubber comes from a plant? Join us for a large-scale free-flowing symposium featuring our 12 Plants that Changed the World Exhibit. We will be hosting 12 local companies to represent each of these game-changer plants providing samples and modern day uses. Marquette students will be at each stop to teach you how these plants have impacted the world, our society, Milwaukee and our daily lives. Additional food and drink available for purchase at the event.

When: April 13th from 12-5 pm
Where: Mitchell Park Conservatory Annex
Cost: $6 general admission / $4 student admission 
        at the door: $7 general admission / $5 student admission
        children 2 and under are free

*tickets do not include Mitchell Park Domes admission

We received a grant from
We Energies Foundation
in support of the Friends of the Domes Adult Education Program!
Thank you for supporting our community!


Friends of the Mitchell Park Domes


Friends of the Domes 

Upcoming Courses

        • Domes Medicinal Herb Tours
          with Tippecanoe Herbs


          Both Desert and Tropical Medicinal Herb Tour sold out! Thank you for your support of the FOD Adult Education Program!

        • When: Feb. 23rd and Mar. 30th at 1-3 pm
          Where: Mitchell Park Domes
          Cost: $12 for FOD members, $15 for nonmembers. *Does not include Domes admissoin*
          Class Description: Tour the Mitchell Park Domes with herbalist Kyle Denton of Tippecanoe Herbs and discover the medicinal qualities of plants found therein. Drawing on folklore, ancient wisdom, plant identification, and science, Denton will expand your understanding of our relationship to the natural world. 
          February's tour will take place in the Tropical Dome. The rainforests provide an abundance of herbal medicine and one of the greatest places for bio diversity on Earth. Once we stroll through the understory, we will find many familiar medicines from remote places. March's tour in the Desert Dome. Life finds a way in the most inhospitable places on the globe, thanks in part to the medicinal plants that grow in these places. Let's take a trip into the sands and see medicines that we regularly find in our homes.

          Register online
          Or call the Friends of the Domes: 414-257-5608

          • Composting and Garden Soil Workshop

          • SOLD OUT!

            The Composting and Garden Soil Workshop has sold out! Thank you for your support of the FOD Adult Education Program!

          • When: Mar. 24th 10 am - 12 pm
            Where: Mitchell Park Conservatory Annex
            Cost: $15 supply cost for FOD members and nonmembers
            Class Description: Did you know you can compost right in your home with no smell or bugs? Did you know that soil texture is possibly the most important physical property of your soil? Whether you seek knowledge for your lawn, garden, or flower pots, this class will teach you the basics in kick-starting a healthy compost, amending your garden soil, and creating a happy environment for your plants. During this hands-on workshop, you will create your own take-home starter compost bin and learn how to classify what your soil needs.

            *If you would like, bring your own fresh fruit/veggie scraps or some old newspapers


            Register online
            Or call the Friends of the Domes: 414-257-5608

          • Starting from Seed 
            with Wisconsin Garden and Pet Supply

          • When: Mar. 10th 2 - 3 pm
            Where: Wis Garden and Pet Supply 
            Cost: FREE for members and nonmembers
            Class Description: Starting your garden from seed is an exciting way to enhance your gardening experience.  There is great satisfaction in watching that little seed germinate, and transform into a little sprout that will later produce beautiful leaves, blooms or fruit.   Whether you are seeding for the first time, or have in the past and had issues, this class will help you achieve a better understanding of how to successfully start your plants from seed and maintain them as they grow.

            RSVP online
            Or call the Friends of the Domes: 414-257-5608

          • Sourdough Basics Workshop 
            with Laura Poe, RD

          • When: Apr. 6th 1:30-3:30 pm
            Where: MKE Kitchen
            Cost: $30 for FOD Members, $35 for nonmembers. Includes starter to take home and recipes!
            Class Description: Making bread using a sourdough starter is a traditional way of making bread more nutritious and digestible. From creating and maintaining a starter culture, to what special equipment you might need, attend this class and learn a basic understanding of sourdough bread making. This will include tips and techniques for every step along the path of making a naturally-leavened bread that is delicious and healthful. 


            Register online
            Or call the Friends of the Domes: 414-257-5608


Thank you for supporting Friends of the Domes Education Programming!