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Love Your Parks

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory's Show Dome is transformed 5 times each year. Each Show Dome display has a specific theme, generally categorized as historical, cultural or fantasy, and is chosen at least a year in advance. Plants are selected specifically for a particular floral exhibit and grown in the Greenhouses located at the Mitchell Park Domes. Once in place, a show may last from six to fourteen weeks. Please note that Show Dome is closed for approximately two weeks between shows to transition to the new theme.

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Rotating Exhibits / Events

  • Love Your Parks - Summer Floral Show

    JUNE 12 - SEPTEMBER 12

    This show is a tribute to all things that our county parks provides including picnic areas, beer gardens, trails, and golf. This show will feature an array of bright colored annual flowers and foliage plants:'Fire Orange' Zinnias, 'Ping Pong Purple' Gomphrenas, 'Watermelon' Coleus, 'Black and Blue' Salvia, 'Sedona Sun' ornamental peppers to name a few. Some hop vines be will also be showcased to pay tribute to our Milwaukee county parks beer gardens!

    "Love your Parks" Education Center Window Display Activities

    In Correlation with the Show Dome Summer Floral show “Love Your Parks”, the Friends of the Domes Education Staff has created a window display. Please print off the following activity sheets and bring them with you when you visit to see the Show Dome Exhibit on display from June 12th to September 12th. Then stop by outside the Education Center and check out all the ideas you can do at the Domes, Mitchell Park and the other County Parks all year round.

    And don’t forget to check out our much-anticipated remodeled Education Center with a goal of reopening in the fall of 2021. A mock-up of this dream will be on display either outside of the Education Center or just inside behind the doors of the Education Center. We are “Excited” and you should be too!

    Please Print and take these activity pages to the Domes with you.
    Can you find the Pollinator?
    Can you find the Pollinator?

    Print this sheet and then go to the Domes Education Center “Love Your Parks” Window Display. Use the Silhouettes and the names on this page to find those items in the Pollinator Mural in the Display. It shows Pollinators and their plants from the Backyard, the Tropics, and the Desert. Have fun and look for these plants in the Domes!

    I Spy with My Little Eye...
    I Spy with My Little Eye...

    Print this sheet and then go to the Domes Education Center “Love Your Parks” Window Display. Use the Pictures on this page to find those items in the Display. When you are done, what else can you find? Then visit your Parks all year round!

    Park Find
    What Can You Find at Your Parks?

    Print these two sheets and then go to the Domes Education Center “Love Your Parks” Window Display. Use the list on these two pages to check off each item you find in the display. Have you done any of these activities? Well, check them out at your County Parks this year! What else can you find not on the list?

    Mushrooms, Mosses and Mums - Fall Floral Show


    A focus on new and unique forest species set alongside our fall mum collection.

    Holiday Floral Show