Mitchell Park Domes

Shakespeare to Bee or not to Bee Summer Garden Show

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory's Show Dome is transformed 5 times each year. Each Show Dome display has a specific theme, generally categorized as historical, cultural or fantasy, and is chosen at least a year in advance. Plants are selected specifically for a particular floral exhibit and grown in the Greenhouses located at the Mitchell Park Domes. Once in place, a show may last from six to fourteen weeks. Please note that Show Dome is closed for approximately two weeks between shows to transistion to the new theme.

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Rotating Exhibits / Events

  • To Bee or not To BEE


    To Bee or not To Bee, the summer floral show,  is a continuation of the Spring Shakespeare themed show with a honey bee twist. In addition to a selection of famous lines from Shakespeare works, there will be information on honey bees and a honey bee display.   The show  takes visitors on a journey through the language of flowers. As visitors walk along the pastel-tinted displays, they’ll see scroll-shaped signs with quotes from Shakespeare that relate to the nearby flowers.

    Dinos Under Glass Returns

    MAY 12 - OCTOBER 21

    The dinosaurs are baaaack!  Come to visit this exciting exhibit of life like dinosaurs in the Tropical and Desert Domes all summer and fall!

    Pollinator Week

    JUNE 18 - JUNE 22

    Celebrate all pollinators during our 7th annual Pollinator Week.  Join us as we celebrate the unsung heroes responsible for pollinating plants that provide about one-third of the food we eat.  Pollinators enable 80% of the world's crop species to set seeds.  Each day of pollinator week will have a different theme with a video about pollinators and activities generally geared to school-age children.

    • Monday, June 18 - "Madagascar's Unusual Pollen Carriers"
    • Tuesday, June 19 - "Pollinators of the Amazon"
    • Wednesday, June 20 - "Bats, Bees, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies"
    • Thursday, June 21 -  "Our North American Neighbors"
    • Friday, June 22 - "Night-time Flyers"

    When: Daily: Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Cost: Free for FOD members; for non-members, regular Domes admission rates apply.

    Orchid Show & Sale

    SEPTEMBER 15 (9am-5pm) & 16 (9am-4pm)

    Enjoy orchid displays, exhibits, and programs showcasing this amazing exotic plant.